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muslingebyens aktivieter
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The name Løgstør is mentioned for the first time in 1514, but in more recent times the town has been known as The City of Mussels due to its central location in the Limfjord mussel industry.  The town is rich in history and has an exciting market town atmosphere. 

In former times the town’s citizens were protected by the town watchmen, who made their nightly rounds, calling out the hour and singing “watchmen’s ditties.”  On certain days of the week throughout the summer you too can experience the watchmen in full regalia telling tall tales about life in olden days. At the Limfjord Museum you will find a less romantic overview of the history of both The City of Mussels and the Limfjord. Here you can also see Denmark’s longest museum object, one of the seven wonders of north Jutland. Also at the museum you can view a boat works, the restoration of Lodsen, Løgstør’s old pilot boat, and a large collection of historical vessels that plied the Limfjord.  As the name City of Mussels suggests, mussels play an important role in the town’s gastronomic and artistic venues, such as Havneatelieret and Galleri Fiskehuset on Kunstnertorvet, and in several of the town’s restaurants.  Over the summer you can experience a festive atmosphere down at the harbor, especially during the Mussel Harvest Festival in April, the Mussel Festival in July, and the Maritime Festival in September. Then the town buzzes with more activity than any time earlier in its 500-yer history.