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ertebølle klint
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Along the Limfjord you will find a chain of fine small yacht harbors.  They are atmospheric travel destinations, whether you come by water or land.  Heist your sails or pack your bike bags and take as one example this little tour of a handful of the most atmospheric.

The first stop on your trip is Rønbjerg Harbor, a place for many fun activities for both children and adults.  You can either visit Landal Rønbjerg’s tropical swimming area, or the climbing and challenge courses in the woods.  There is also the possibility of going on a seal-watching safari with the Livø ferry Miniline, which departs from Rønbjerg.  If you would rather continue on, the next stop is Livø Harbor. Livø is known as Nature’s  quiet zone and contains almost all of Denmark’s natural environments (except for high cliffs) as well as having a wonderful jazz festival in August. Back on the mainland, Hvalpsund Harbor is the next stop: here you can experience an actively working port environment with its traditional fishing industry as well as good places to eat. Løgstør Harbor is the last stop on your trip. Here you can immerse yourself in all things maritime.  Note the fleeting passage of history with a visit to the Limfjord Museum, where you and your family can learn about fisheries and maritime navigation or tickle a flatfish in the Experience Center. Along the harbor in Løgstør you will find restaurants with a great atmosphere beyond the summer season,  In Løgstør you can also find provisions for the rest of your trip along the Limfjord, and in September your trip can end in a really festive way with the Maritime Festival, with races, large wooden ships, music and a happy atmosphere in the friendly City of Mussels.