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Raw foodstuffs of the highest quality and numerous creative chefs serving these delicacies for you make Himmerland West Coast a decided goal for every adventurous foodie.

 Gourmets throughout Denmark have long known that Vesthimmerland is the source of some of the finest fresh ingredients that Denmark has to offer.  Both the juicy and tender Himmerland meats and wild and cultivated versions of the meaty and delicate Limfjord oysters have long since found their way to many of the best restaurant kitchens together with the many other shellfish so abundant in the fjord.

Cockles, sea urchins, some of the world’s best blue mussels and fjord shrimp, which the local population fries lightly and eats — head and tail included — with mayonnaise and a slice of lemon.  There is no better summer snack!  Rinse it down with a refreshing white wine from Glenholm Vingård in Næsby.  Or let one of the region’s good eating establishments prepare and serve their delicacies for you.

In few places are the mussels as freshly steamed as at Kanalfogedens Køkken in Løgstør, and, if shellfish is not your thing, try the rustic land-based seasonal cuisine at Næsbydale Badehotel, Restaurant Kulgårdens traditional  smørrebrød (open-faced-sandwiches), or the famous stjerneskud (shooting star) at Hvalpsund Færgekro. A freshly fried fishball and a draft beer from one of the fish outlets in the small yacht harbors is no mean way of satisfying one’s craving for lunch either!