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Born in Løgstør, Mogens is well-known from Danish TV2’s weather programming for his impressive weather images from the Løgstør area.  He loves living by the water, which he has utilized frequently throughout his life, both as a photographer and for his own private pleasure. Mogens’ tips thus naturally deal with experiences along the water’s edge in Løgstør.

  • I have many favorite spots in Løgstør. For example, I like the area around the harbor very much, something that is quite clear when you see my photographs.  Particularly during the summer there is a quite wonderful atmosphere there – always life and people – and always someone, such as pleasure boaters, to talk to.  They are a tribe who understand how to enjoy life.  Just like me.
  • Every morning I take a walk with my dog and often we stroll out along Frederik VII’s Kanal. Even though the canal has not been in use for almost 90 years, it still exists authentically with its mooring stakes, canal officials’ buildings and turnstile bridge.  One really feels a whiff of history’s passing.
  • Both the harbor front and the canal can also be experienced from the water, for example, in a kayak or one of the rowboats belonging to the Limfjord Museum. It’s a completely different way of viewing the town and on a still day this is simply one of the best things I can imagine.


Bodil is a migrant and originally from the island of Samsø.  She moved to Hvalpsund because of its location and in order to be close to the Limfjord, where she and her husband have often sailed. Bodil is well-traveled in the landscape around the fjord, where she collects herbs in order to cultivate her passion for flavored snaps, the alcoholic beverage popular in Scandinavia.  You can read more about this at bodil-nymark-kryddersnapse.dk, where you can also book a tasting and talk about snaps.

  • If I can only name three of my favorite places, one of them must absolutely be Hvalpsund, which is a wonderful place along the water with a swimming beach, a boat harbor, and a wonderful harbor atmosphere.If you walk around the harbor you will immediately sense the atmosphere.  If you want to take a longer walk, go along the beach all the way around the point or take the marked blue walking path that will take you past Hessel Manor.
  • Hessel by itself is quite clearly worth a visit, both when there are special events and when there aren’t any. It is like stepping into a pocket of time from the 19th  Walk through the rooms in the main house, sit down in the barn and enjoy the view over the fjord.
  • And then I think that one should not ignore Trend. It is a fantastically child-friendly beach that at the same time is good for surfing. I go there myself and live at the camping place in Trend all summer.



Karin is a nature guide in the Municipality of Vesthimmerland, where she operates Naturekspedition.  All year round Karin guides and inspires young and old and those in between to experience Nature in exciting new ways. Her home page, naturekspeditionen.dk, is a rich source for tips and ideas.  Here are three of Karin’s personal favorites:

  • One of my absolute favorite places is Lovns, with its magically contorted copses of oaks and its Ice Age landscape with rare wild orchids down along the Limfjord.  It is so impressive!
  • And then I am completely crazy about Livø. It is almost all of Denmark in miniature.  In a single day you can experience all of Denmark’s types of nature (except for high cliffs).  Time stands still on the island and one’s body is filled with happiness hormones from the peace of Nature.  It is quite fantastic.
  • A third place, one that is quite special to me, is when you park at the Næsbydale parking lot. It is the most impressive parking lot in Vesthimmerland.  But even more impressive is the walk through Ice Age ravines with their rare plants on the slopes down to the Limfjord, where the beach is full of fossils if you just keep your eyes open.