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Effectively shielded from the nearest highway by 4-5 kilometers of sky-blue Limfjord waves is hidden one of the Himmerland coast’s best-kept secrets.  There are no cars on Livø and farming on the island is 100% ecological.  Take a trip over and let your beard grow for the price of a weekend, and let the island’s peace and quiet descend upon your family.

There is something about small islands.  They urge you to put aside everyday life and for just a while accept that you are not available.  That for once you are just yourself. And that all activity, food and entertainment must be found in the island’s own natural environment and offerings.  This is particularly true of the Limfjord’s most isolated island, Livø, which, with its 9 permanent residents and 3.3 square kilometers, is Denmark’s 48thlargest island. No cars here!  The only sounds you will hear are Nature’s own: the humming of bees, the wind in the trees, and the calls of owls.  Enjoy the peace of one or two nights’ restful sleep at Livø Feriecenter and experience the island during the day with strolls between moorlands and coastal meadows, lovely clearings, quiet bogs, and delightful little lakes.  The island’s self-sufficient organic farm, Livø Avlsgaard, produces beef and a high-quality bread flour, and is one of the very few places in Denmark where you can get certified organic honey from the farm’s beehives.  Buy the products at the island store or taste them at Livø Kro, which offers country-style cuisine in connection with Livø Feriecenter.  The inn, store, camping grounds and the Feriecenter are all located in the town’s only village, which is also the point of departure for several interesting activities, such as photo-stories, pod-walks and marked routes to informational spots about the island’s history. In August birdsong and the sound of waves get a musical accompaniment from the LIVØjazz festival, which for a while turns the island into one of the absolute best corners of the country to pitch one’s tent or moor one’s boat.

Find more inspiration for your holiday along Himmerland West Coast

90 km. Limfjord

Culinary experiences

Raw foodstuffs of the highest quality and numerous creative chefs serving these delicacies for you make Himmerland West Coast a decided goal for every adventurous foodie.

Children Activities

Himmerland’s West Coast offers lots of opportunities for having children be active with fun experiences on the water and along the coast.  From free play and its excitement to educational arrangements, expeditions, crab-catching and seal-watching safaris.

Maritime atmosphere

Along the Limfjord you will find a chain of fine small yacht harbors.  They are atmospheric travel destinations, whether you come by water or land.  Heist your sails or pack your bike bags and take as one example this little tour of a handful of the most atmospheric.



Experiences for everyone

Himmerland offers an impressive variety of entertaining, educational, hyggelige, delicious and spectacular experiences along its 90-kilometer-long west coast.  Possibilities abound for young and old, tall and small, thick and thin, and everyone in between.

Nature experiences

Fresh air, sun-burned noses and rosy cheeks.  Isn’t it wonderful that the best experiences are quite free as a rule?  Here are five ideas for wonderful experiences in Nature that you can take home free and clear from your visit to Himmerland’s West Coast.


Himmerland’s West Coast offers 90 kilometers of Limfjord in which experiences of the natural environment reign supreme.  Here are perfect opportunities to disconnect from everyday life in beautiful natural areas and engage the family through activities on various paths and routes or in the Limfjord itself. 

Active holiday

Are you bursting with energy when on vacation? Or do you want to be?  If so, Himmerland West Coast is your perfect destination.

24 hours on the West Coast of Himmerland

A 90-kilometer-long west coast cannot be experienced in a single day.  But if 24 hours is all you have, here is a suggestion for an optimal use of your time.


The name Løgstør is mentioned for the first time in 1514, but in more recent times the town has been known as The City of Mussels due to its central location in the Limfjord mussel industry.  The town is rich in history and has an exciting market town atmosphere. 


Effectively shielded from the nearest highway by 4-5 kilometers of sky-blue Limfjord waves is hidden one of the Himmerland coast’s best-kept secrets.  There are no cars on Livø and farming on the island is 100% ecological.

From Ice Age to Present

The natural and cultural environment of Vesthimmerland provides a unique glimpse into Denmark’s history over 55 million years — from fossils to Stone Age culture and Viking Age fortifications to medieval cloisters and 19th-century manor estates.


Ninety kilometers of west-oriented coastline provides ample opportunity to wrest a couple of days out of one’s vacation calendar in order to sunbathe on the beach while the little ones swim and play in the sand.