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Himmerland offers an impressive variety of entertaining, educational, hyggelige, delicious and spectacular experiences along its 90-kilometer-long west coast.  Possibilities abound for young and old, tall and small, thick and thin, and everyone in between.

Mom wants to take a walk in the hills but Dad would rather play a round of golf.  The kids want to go swimming – even on a cloudy day – and everyone agrees that it is more fun to do things together.  What should we do? The answer lies along the west coast of Himmerland – perhaps not the hippest vacation destination in the kingdom, but precisely because of this a region with an enchanting peacefulness and authenticity in both its undulating landscape and its varied cultural offerings.  Here you can truly find something for every taste, and none of it costs a fortune. With its 90 kilometers of coastline, activities of course are centered on life near and in the water, on the beach, in the cozy small yacht harbors, at the resort hotels and inns, along the cliffs and hillsides, and at the region’s dining establishments, which know how to make use of the Limfjord’s burgeoning offerings of delicious world-class fresh ingredients.   For couples there is Nature and peace and quiet on Livø; for families with children, relaxation and plenty of play opportunities and stimulation at Landal Rønbjerg, for example; kite- and wind-surfing, bike and walking trails for those loving a bit of exercise; museums and galleries for those interested in history and art; educational events and guided activities for the curious; and lots of gorgeous Nature for everyone to immerse themselves in. Let’s get into a vacation mood!!